a RIPPED royce? (bluNamr)


is that royce on the left looking all rickson-esque?

damn must've put on the pounds for the ufc then

I beleive that is one of Hal Faulkners photos. I could be wrong though. When stopped by his academy he had a ton of photos just like that one. Those are from the early L.A. days when everyone in the picture lived and trained in rorions garage.

Has has crazy stories about those days.

I notice Renzo , first from left to right on the botton, and Rillion, blond guy on the back beside Royler.

Front row: Renzo, Rolker.
Middle: Royce, Pedro Valente (I think), Relson, Rorion, don't know, Rickson.
Back: Rillion, Royler.

Damn...Royce is ripped to sheds in that shot. That's a pretty amazing physique for anyone who isn't SERIOUSLY into fitness.

Quite a formidable family there.

ttt for an ID on the white dude



lol Mark Kerr !! no kidding !!