A.Silva and Big Nog sparring *vid*

This is vid of Anderson Silva and Big Nog sparring. Silva doesn't even wear the headgear!


Thanks. Good stuff. Anderson Silva is definitely not afraid of getting hit.

Damn, he was stuntin' on Nog.


anderson's boxing is impressive. Whoever that was in the background sounded like they had a horrible stomach ache!


I was just going to ask who let the Caveman come in to coach

anderson silva has been my favorite fighter for a couple of years after he beat lee murray, but i never knew his boxing was that good...

wtf? i knew A.S. ahd good hands but damn! i though maybe Rich Franklin had an off day but I dont think he will ever be able to bea A.S. as long as they both stay at the levels they are. Props to Anderson Silva!! I have an all new respect for that guy!

wow...he does look good...I know Nog is good but he never really looks like he is swinging that hard till the end...he seems to be more continous than power and speed.

Is that Nog's house, or is that Black House???


was that belfort on the camera side of the ring?

nice to see two top tiers putting in the work

LMAO @ the background moaning - it went on the entire fight - WTF ! ---

"There's a mongoloid/retard yelling in the background."

--- Cracked me up for 5 minutes straight.

if you mean outboxing by landing 2 punches... then yes yes he did.

"if you mean outboxing by landing 2 punches"

Yeah, that's what I saw.. It was Nog who was going easy.

By all means though, continue to evaluate a sparring session between a MW and a HW...

It was cool to see Nog using a more pro boxing style. That has been my one grief with nog that he was using to much of a amature style to be really good in MMA.

What's the plugin on that page? I can't see anything.

Nog has very impressive hands, he puts together impressive combinations. He just lacks power, thats the only chink in the armour.

Noted illd3.