A.Silva changed

with 49 seconds to go in the 3rd round maia connects with a hard overhand right to silvas chin. i think thats when silva decided to play it safe and coast. at the 4:27 mark of the 4th silva again gets hit with an overhand right by maia and stops engaging as much. silva said in the interview he was surprised with miais punches, those really were the only significant punches landed by maia. really really strange fight, just trying to understand why silva did what he did in the 4th and 5th.

Silva was devastated by this strike, fight should have been stopped, imo.


fight should have been stopped and turned into a disco

i think the reason people thought this fight was so horrible is becuase they expect so much from silva after the forrest griffin fight. I do admit it was a bit weird and hypocritical but cmon people saying he should go to strikeforce and be on the undercard give me a break. People were beaking gsp for his lay n pay just until yesterday when silva took over. Stop having such high expectations from the champions and maybe you wont be devastated by the outcome

At least GSP is fighting, whether it is boring or not. Silva is just goofin off.

the only expectation i have after dishing out 50 bucks is that the fighters actually try


 Silva gassed quicker from blowing so much adrenaline showboating  for 2 rounds. After 3, He had to play it safe.

Im saying Anderson Silva is a gaylord...thats all

have always thought that was a good ass song

edit and his entrance was hot too

MirkoK1 - the only expectation i have after dishing out 50 bucks is that the fighters actually try

If you can end a fight in 2 minutes end it.

Maia mocked Anderson in the 5th round, and Anderson wasn't able to do anything to stop it. The idea that Anderson could have finished it anytime he wanted is just silly, he's never KO'd anyone who didn't drop his hands when he punched and moved forward recklessly.

Anderson could have won every round by decision, but I doubt he could Maia away - its a style vs style thing which Anderson has never solved ... he's a counter puncher who's always been unimpressive against other counter punchers.

Even in Pride his bad fights (Chonan for instance) were against other counter punchers.