A Silva vs. Chonan Plz

Let's see if Anderson can handle Chonans kryptonic leg scissors td. I don't see any other interesting fights for him. Okami? No thank you.

Chonan = 170


party pooper

I agree with you though.  I wouldn't mind seeing Anderson try to get revenge after losing to one of the most impressive submissions in the history of MMA.  There's a nice story line there, and I don't think Okami will get a shot just because if he wins the fans will fucking hate him.


first fight wasn't a fluke, Chonan was holding his own even on the standup

I would prefer to see Henderson or Lindland against Silva.

If by fluke you mean that Chonan executed a beautiful td and finished a move he clearly works on while holding his own with a superior striker, than yes, it was a fluke. I believe Anderson was a better fighter then and probably still is, but it was no fluke.

Silva would completely destroy Chonan today. I don't think it would be even close.

Chonan won't get that lucky sub. Anderson's game has improved vastly and he won't get caught and he'll put Ryo out.