A UFC Network(like WWE) will double their business

I'm shocked how Dana White thinks the WWE Network is stupid... i don't think he realizes what kind of fanbase he has and the millions of subscribers he will have.

He thinks that only the people who buy PPVs will get into the WWE network.

What he fails to realize is that not only millions will subscribe in the USA but an even bigger audience will subscribe around the world!

I predict that if the UFC were to do a similar network, they would have at least 7 million worldwide subscribers..

That means a consistant 670 000 000$ annually ad revenue a lil bit of PPV buys

Right now at an average of 400k per ppv it will give them around 280 000 000$

There are MILLIONS of fans worldwide that dont even buy PPVs to begin with(cause its a US only thing) thayt will subscribe to such a network. Phone Post 3.0

I meant "PLUS ad revenue PLUS lil ppv buys" Phone Post 3.0

I'm not sure, one way or another but a good thing is that considering that WWE is a publicly traded company, we should see how this network is gonna affect their bottom lines.

At least I think we should. I don't know much about finance, either.

I guess we will foundbout a few months after launch Phone Post 3.0