A Very MMA Halloween 2012

Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva 

"Suga" Rashad Evans



Alistair Overeem


Urijah Faber


Bellator Ring Girl, Mercedes Terrell (Far Right)


"Rampage" Jackson

LOL, remember this one?


Bigfoot made a better Frankenstien than a Hulk IMO.


Epic thanks for posting ... Phone Post

Nice, the ROCK also went as HULK posted on his twitter. If I get to a computer ill post. Phone Post

My gawd @ Mercedes Terrell. Phone Post

^^^ Bane

lol @ Rampage being Batman and Rashad being Bane

Rashad isn't Bane.  It's like some type of killer deal.  It looks like Bane in that picture though.

Purgey - 

My gawd @ Mercedes Terrell. Phone Post

^crams roofie into full size snickers ^ Phone Post