a young TERA PATRICK lookalike?


 i would

Entered into my spank bank Phone Post



surely the hg knows who this is?

 as a wee lad, i remember watching a tera patrick scene where she is getting rammed in the butt.  this was a pretty run of the mill anal scene until the guys dick accidentally slipped out pulling out a hershey which got stuck on her butt cheek. i think that ruined me and turned me into the devianti am today. 

that would not stop me from working the above lookalikey.

I have been so kindly reminded that Halloween 09 @ little Seoul that girl was partying like a rockstar. Think her name is Lisa? I thought she looked familiar. It looks like she's losy some weight since then.

please tell me she's not a krayon.

 pray tell, sir, but what is a krayon?

ko re an - (pronounced by koreans, KOH-RAY-ON) thus: KRAYON w/ a "k".


What wrong with krayons??? They're hot, after the surgeries

 hot after surgies and docile after a beating?

po'ai, it's a shorter list to start w/ "what's right". wrong is a can o kim chi fried worms

 Not Korean. Possibly Paki or one of those Princess of Persia types. 

no man, this girl was hapa-asian

 i'd bet she is half white and half micro

blonde hair and the gold toof a give away?