AA and Werdum... WOW

How many times do you see a 1st round that exciting?

Followed by two of the most boring rounds I've ever seen.


indeed, they were both trying to counter, hence the stalemate

Arlovski caught the PedroRizzoitus?

rizzoitus indeed

I don't think I've ever seen as many slaps in a fight outside on Pancrase.

I was actually thinking he must've watched Kos/Diego 2. "Hey - I should do that!"

I couldnt get why Werdum opted to slap his face rather than land a hook.

Most boring fight ever. Should have been draw since they both ended up doing nothing.

I love the bobbing and weaving at nothing.

So yea, I have to fault AA for round 2.

Round 3 though, AA sure didn't help... but why doesn' Werdum go balls out?


AA looked like shit. Always about to do something, but never pulling the trigger. Even though he ran most the fight, Werdum let his hands go more.

I was yelling at my tv while watching that fight hehe.

Does Andre have MMA people he works with?

I thought he just worked with kickboxing people and BJJ people separately?


Andre needs to change his coaching staff. The way he kept moving straigth backwards when under pressure almost cost him the fight.

Andre resembled RICKY BOBBY of Talledega Nights after his crash.

He lost his nerve.

If the Pit Bull doesn't get a mean-on soon, HE will be the one delivering Chicago style pizzas on his bike.

I want the old fearless Arlovski back.

..."Man, that Sylvia/Arlovski series ruined both of them. It's like they now have some gentleman's agreement to both fight scared for the rest of their careers. "

Very well said

"but why doesn' Werdum go balls out?"

He went charging in, swinging, many times, but Arlovski always just ran away.

Both guys should get a loss for that stinker, just like Diego and Kos. A lose-lose situation. As opposed to Elvis/Bisping, which was a win-win fight.