Aaron Brink returns to MMA - Oct. 17th


Is he the guy on Intervention?

 ^^^ yes

wooah wooah there its.

wooah wooah there its.


still haven't seen his intervention episode. Would love to see it.

LillyOlivia - was he the porn star?

I think so. My birthday is October 17th. Is this my MMA gift??

RKing85 - still haven't seen his intervention episode. Would love to see it.

I saw it. It was weak as hell!

 is this fight still happening tonight?

play by play?

Hopefully Aaron is able to fight well and stay sober. I was able to meet him a couple of times, and he was a good dude, and answered all of my questions about mma.

Hopefully he can stay clean and make a career as a fighter. He has a nice body and large cock, but he should stay away from porn. That is definitely a trigger for someone with addiction.

 heres the weigh ins..... I'm trying to find the results, it should be live right now...

Best of luck!

 I didn't see Brink weigh in.........bummer


Does this mean he is sober?

i had the good fortune to hang out with Aaron several times back in 2001-2003, always super nice and super supportive. He had a good heart and was always super polite to anybody and everybody. In this world, Everybody in life has inner demons, and Aarons got to him. I hope that he can get back on track and cultivate his athletic talent.

Any results?