Aaron Riley at 155?

As I recall, Riley was making the move down to 155. In fact I beleive his last fight was at 155. Is he fighting again soon? Is he plan on staying at 155? I think he could be a very effective fighter at that weight.

Riley is not a big guy, even for a 55'er. That is a much better weight for him than 170.

heard he was nursing a bad shoulder

I just saw Aaron yesterday in the gym....says he likes the 155 lbers better....

it makes a lot more sense to me. He's probably a harder puncher at the lower weight, and his chin is probably even better. As Charles said he was a small 170 to begin with. I think he could be a force at 155 and would like to see him continue there.

I just watched his fight with Lawler again which is why I brought this up, he did very well in that 2nd round but just got hit too many times in the first and 3rd. He really seemed to do well from the clinch, but when Lawler had room to punch, Robbie got the best of him.

Aaron Riley needs to be back in the UFC for sure! He's one of my favorite UFC fighters.