AB Band for takedowns

since wrestling takedowns are one of the weakest links in my game i decided 2005 is the year to fix that. i just ordered and started training with the AB Band, it's awesome. when i did judo, we used to do uchikomi (drills/fit-ins) with our belts, but the elastic band feels much more realistic since it keeps tension but not rigidly.

i trained for like 20 minutes with it and was totally beat, and it's not like i'm out of shape.

it comes with an instructional video that makes it looks easy. it's NOT! great DVD. my goal is to get as good as a (mediocre, not all-star) high school wrestler at takedowns, this is one of the prongs in my 3-pronged attack.

anyway, i shot in for a double, it sprawled, then reshot and took me down like a fool. seriously. i don't know if the AB Band or Bubba is a tougher adversary. Bubba was laughing, which was humiliating.

great product, check it out. i am in no way affiliated with it, just a happy customer.


i have a 1 bedroom apartment and didn't think i'd have room for it. basically you put it in a doorway and close the door. it only took an area of about 6 feet by 8 feet. you can also tie it to things. i'll probably attach it to the tennis court fence at some point while my dogs play.

I've also trained with them (and with Andre.) They are great! You can see Andre use them on his website.

They attach easily to the bask side of any door or any "hook" (they have a nylon webbing loop)

They come in many strenghts too.

for the small amount of money, it's a very good training tool.

Yea, I have had the AB Band since March and it's vastly improved my shot as well as my sprawl. It's a good workout and well worth the money.

I got to film Andre giving several private lessons in takedowns and I was very impressed by his technical ability. He also kicked my ass with some kettlebells. ugh..

I use the bands in judo as well. excellent tool for uchikomi.

Is this company still around? I ordered from them a long time ago and never received it, they never returned my e-mails either after I had already Paypaled them the money.


just got mine 2 weeks ago. andrey gave great customer service.




There's an easier ghetto way to do this too.

yeah, i've seen people use bike inner tubes.

I'm looking forward to starting FS wrestling again this year, might have to get a Bubba like dude myself.

yeah you can use that stuff (surgical tubing etc..) but for 28 bucks you get the strength you want and it comes with handles and a loop that allows you to easily attach it and remove it instead of making a ghetto production out if it every time you use it.