Abaddi at UFC63? Where's Bisping?!

The latest rumor is that Danny Abaddi is fighting in UFC 63 against Jorge Gurgel. I don't even want to see this on TUF, let alone pay for it. WHERE IS BISPING? Are they going to wait for him to be forgotten and put him on the undercard of UFC 70? This is preposterous.

rich franklin is throwing his weight around

Gurgel is going to impregnate Abaddi and then leave him high and dry with no child support.What a brutal match-up.

I know Jorge is fighting at 63, but I'm not sure if its Danny Abbadi he's fighting. Cuz Abbadi fought at 185 on TUF 3, now he's fighting at 155? That doesn't seem right.

That's a woeful matchup. Pointless.

WTF is Abaddi still getting fights for in the UFC??

what a joke