Abe Maruyama Olympic Qualifier Superfight

Found some good highlights here. Is it true that was the most anticipated one off match in history? Also, is it only in the Olympics now that they only have one rep per country? In the worlds, they allow more than one for a while now right…hence Maruyama beating Abe in the last worlds?

Also didn’t know that Maruyama Joshiro was Maruyama Kenji’s son who was the 92 Olympic rep.

Wow, the fight lasted 24 minutes! Crazy! 

Thanks for the link Wasa-B

The full match is on YouTube. One thing here is that it was a single match and not a tournament where I believe all previous bouts bet usu came late into a tournament.

In this video Abe completely dominated.  IJF  rankings Maruyama is #2 in the world and Abe #3 66k.  2019 World Championship Maruyama 1st place, Abe 3rd place.