Abel Trujillo Vs Rustam Khabliov

Can't wait to see Rustam back in the cage!

Drunkenirishfc - 

Must happen Phone Post

Yes, it must!

C'mon Uncle Dana, make it happen! And while you're at it let's see Dos Anjos vs Varner.

I'd like to see them build more experience.

Abel has a college wrestling background to go with his aggressive brawling style striking. He smashed a pure wrestler with no striking ability.

Khabilov suplexed a guy half to death who (respectfully) really isn't good enough to be in the UFC in the first place.

Both are intriguing prospects, but they should be given time to build up a bit more Maybe use them to thin the herd of mid tier competent-but-unspectacular TUFfers that crop up each season.

I changed my mind! Still like this fight but these make more sense. Trujillo Vs Jon Tuck & Khabilov Vs Barboza