Aberdeen clubs????

Any info on bjj/grappling or vale tudo clubs in aberdeen, preferably near schoolhill. Ive got the club listings on sfuk, but any others.
Muay thai as a last resort.
nice1 for any help

i might be starting up a MMA club again soon, u guys got any experience?


I'll have a vale tudo class going again in aberdeen from oct, anyone interested please shoot me an email for more details- kenlee@freenet.co.uk

Abz, you should post that on SFUK.net and CageWarriors.com there's quite a decent scottish contingent on both sites

abz assassin is the club up and running yet?

hi clubber lang- yes it is, just once a week at the mo until i can pick up some more interest, no one seems to be interested in mma up here! please email me if your interested, my add is on this thread somewhere!

Any more info???