Absolute Jiu jitsu/Duneland VT

Im looking for a good place to train bjj, what is your class schedule? What are fees? Also are you guys affiliated with anybody?

The Wisniewski brothers in Indiana?

Since they haven't answered this post themselves, maybe I can help.

Keith & Justin Wisniewski, the 'Polish Connection', are in Portage, Indiana. They're style is more MMA with a wrestling base than BJJ (so they really don't have any bjj affiliations), but an excellent place to train, check them out.

Bruce is in Michigan City. He is a bjj brown belt under Michael Jen and his expericence is pretty vast. You might contact him quicker by posting this question on Bolo's Expert Q&A forum.

Both are very good and will probably see your post eventually and give you contact numbers and schedules.

Now to jump this thread...lol. I'm not sure where you're at, but I'm in Valparaiso. I'm a purple belt under Megaton and train under team Megaton/McVicker (Jack McVicker of Terre Heute, Indiana). My group is strictly competition bjj. I'm a Pan Am silver medalist and I won two gold medals in Brazil last year as a blue belt (International Masters & Seniors) and two gold medals this year as a purple belt in the European Championships in Portugal. So if you're looking for competition bjj and you're near Valpo, you might check out us. Contact me at fighterrobinson@comcast.net for more info.

Good luck in your search and tell Keith, Justin, & Bruce I said 'hi'.


Mr. Big Arms,
As Patrick said, Duneland Vale Tudo is over in Portage, great group of guys !!!

I'm affiliated with Michael Jen, black belt under Joe Moreira.

I'd check out either Patrick via his e-mail, or wait until Keith or Justin answer your thread when they get on here from Duneland.

I just got my ACL replaced and will be out of action for some time.

If your looking for straight BJJ, contact Patrick, his credentials speak for themselves.

See you at Arnolds Pat, bringing about 10 guys.

Great, look forward to seeing you there Bruce. I'm also bringing about 10 guys (and one girl). Talk to you then...


ABSOLUTE JIU-JITSU: How did you tear your ACL again? Was it during a throw, a heel hook or something else? I seem to recall you having told us this before, but now my memory is blank.

I was working take downs with with of my bigger guys.
He was doing a version of the outside trip, I was going to go with it but my foot "stuck" to the mat and my knee sounded like a broomstick snapping.

I sucked it up and rebuilt the muscle to have it go out again and tearing up the meniscus to top it off.

So I'm on week five after the surgery and slowing recovering.

Pat, my wife is going (competing) as well, but she's one of the guys :)