Acai in Toronto?

Does anyone know if you can find acai in Toronto? FCTV's picture threads really have me itching to try this stuff.


Thank you, taporsnap85! Apparently, I can just walk up the street.

i've seen acai at some of those juice franchises, like at the eaton centre if you are just talking about the fruit drink.

Booster Juice.....Brazilian Thunder Smoothie`s are the best or you can buy straight acai berry drinks.

Is there Acai in Dr. Pepper??? If not, I'm clearly not getting enough of it.

You can get it frozen all over the place at health food stores. Comes in convenient little packets for making shakes. I love the stuff. The same company also sells Amazon Cherry frozen packets, and those are pretty tasty too.

you can find bottled ready-to-drink acai smoothies in shopper's drugmart - the larger ones that carry groceries

I've seen some in Montreal at a juice bar on Papineau and another one at a juice bar in Jean-Talon market

Compared to Brazil, the Acai in Toronto is like 3x the price and has 1/10 the taste. But its better than nothing I guess.

Thanks for all the input everyone. Still haven't tried it, but will give it a go this week.