acceptable behavior?

I've been surfing this board regularly for about a month now. I came here thinking this was a forum in which we enjoyed and promoted the best in Canadian MMA. How naive I was.

There are many members on this forum that do a lot of good for the sport. But, those members are the often the ones that stay quiet. Probably because they're actually busy doing something productive.

Sadly, this board is dominated by internet trolls. There is NO OTHER MESSAGE BOARD that would tolerate some of the behavior that occurs here. Further, it is UNTHINKABLE and UNBELIEVABLE that these recent comments from BSF have gone unchecked.

BSF said: "LOL at Antico's fav fighter, St-Pierre who tapped with 1 second left!"

BSF said: "LOL at St-Pierre, Cote and Loiseau who are all coming off losses! Way to go!"

Shame on all of you on THE CANADIAN UG FORUM that read these comments and chose to tuck your tails between your legs and look the other way!

Love BSF or hate him, you can't argue that post.

The board was great before you started posting regularly and started arguing with everyone.

You are a liar.

Conducted a fake interview, realized it was fake and left it up,

  • You admittedly took part in the effort to make me believe it was a real interview you hypocritical piece of shit! I apologized and took full responsibility in the refutation I posted. I rectified the situation, got a real interview with Andrei, I'm on excellent terms with him and his mgmt and will interview him again in the future. So why should I give a shit if you and a couple other trolls continue to give me heat over this?

Called the most respected man in MMA a liar.

  • Total Bullshit. I've spoken to Arnold about this false claim of yours and we're totally cool.

Promised money you never paid out.

  • you mean the $400,000? LOL. Give it a rest.

Argued with the literal WHO's WHO of Canadian MMA,

  • let's not exaggerate this. the only people I had a tiff with were Joe and JT. I spoke with JT at length and thought we came to a reasonable understanding of each other's point of view. I made my effort to reconcile with Joe, but he refuses to answer my emails. "willing to work with everyone for the betterment of the sport" my ass.

claimed you have many degrees

  • I do. My personal and professional life are none of your business! How like an internet troll not to respect this.

Accused me of being Goulet

  • you've been accused by several people of this kind of stuff. I wonder why? I was wrong about you being Goulet and I apologized. Of course, apologies mean nothing to an internet troll. Goulet and I are on excellent terms. A link to my website is even up on Team Legion's website.

YOU HAVE NOTHING ON ME. You hate because you've got nothing better in life to do. I suspect this message board is the only thing that assigns any kind of worth to your otherwise pathetic existence.

How do like 'dem apples?

I have been reading these threads for a couple of weeks now and Antico if you want the feud to end simply put up a valid arguement about the things being said about you or admit wrong doing. I have been wrong in my arguments with my BSF on occasion and I dealt with them directly and the points that I addressed where I thought BSF was wrong were always dealt with and were not dragged out.

As far as the comments on St.Pierre and the others talked about, they have all learned from there losses and have constantly gotten better and no matter who the fighter is somebody will have something to say about them that others don't agree with. Now maybe the context or way BSF put it across to you is offensive but he is not stating something that did not happen.

My true beleif is that GSP is the best 170 that Canada has to offer and that loss was the best thing for him. I am sure it just gave him more drive in the gym and the fact that he was winning the fight will make him more confident and more aggressive than ever before.

So again deal with this upfront or just don't post on any of these threads anymore cuz you are making yourself look worse.

If our best fighters can't handle BSF mentioning how much time was left when they tapped, then they should grow thicker skin, or get a better agent to bitch on their behalf. Oh wait! You dont' speak on their behalf.

Plus this is a public forum. If I thought St. Pierre, Crow, and Doerksen sucked, so be it, I should have the right to say as much. (I DON'T think it) but should have every right to say as much. It's called an opinion.

I think you take more offense to this than the fighters themselves. This is a Forum dude. People say whatever they want here. There are rules that need to be followed, and BSF is following them.

Get over it, and stop trying to be something greater than you are

Don't ever assume that you have the right to tell me what I should and shouldn't be ashamed of.

You're not some guy here fighting the good fight. You're coming off like a 10 year old moron.

So unless that is correct, just let it go already.


dudes, how bout settling this fued in the ring, seriously....someone book this!

antico, i think you should shut the fuck up.

LygerBomb hook it up!

I dunno if it's just me but I didn't really expect Antico to cough up $400,000.00.

Although I would not mind seeing BSF and Antico go at it Muay Thai for 3 rounds.

Are the two of them in the same weight class? Or even close?


Oh. Well that kinda pooches that because from the pic I saw of Antico he's about 170.


I'm 210lbs and 6'3". So maybe we can make it happen BSF? =P

Here's the definition of "to laugh at" from my dictionary:

  • A person, thing, or action to be made fun of or,

  • something insulting, or absurdly unfitting or,

  • a wasted or useless thing.

So if anyone here says "LOL at TKO or one of its fighters" I will attack you quicker than a fat kid attacking cake.

When you say "Laugh at" you ARE NOT merely stating an opinion. It's not a matter of FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

THIS IS FIGHTER BASHING! Something that would get you banned on any other website. Here, it gets the me banned for bringing it up =P. How ironic.

Whatever. I AM DONE ARGUING. Sorry boys, but I am no longer going to bother defending myself to your ridiculous accusations. Say all you want, I couldn't care less. From now on, I am only here to discuss MMA. That is a promise.

Antico and BSF at Light Heavy Weight.

TKO! Make it HAPPEN!

BSF vs Antico!!!! Canadian Super fight of the decade!!!

Good thing your not a fighter or we'd be in shit for fighter bashing

yeah, hey marco, if you man up and fight BSF in the ring, you can get a green name and then it would be against the rules to insult you. you could win every argument just by default. think of it! BSF is ready and willing.