ACL Question + training

hi everyone,

i have a torn ACL and im loving training at the moment... and putting off my op with any excuse i can find...

i know i should get it done, but i just wanna know if there are serious set backs if i keep training with this torn acl?

I've had it torn for 4-5 years and dont mind the collapse now and then..i think im used to it.

but my question is ... asides from damaging it more and getting arthritis at a early age.. what would happen if I wait pro long the process?

i read somewhere some people are born with out ACL?

im stupid i know.. :)

As long as it doesnt cause you pain or hurt your game then who cares.  Their are a lot of guys who play sports at a high level with no ACL, but i would check with your Doctor as everyone is a little bit diffrent.

cheers man :)
thats excuse added another 5-10 years in putting it off
i will get it done.. but im just enjoying training at the moment and i'll probably get it done when i reach my late 20's

Get it done now and get it over with. Im in my late 20's and had surgery 2 years ago....knee is still jacked up bc of need to get it done and do the rehab the right way.

younger you are when you do it the easier and better you will heal up.

Baroquen Record - younger you are when you do it the easier and better you will heal up.

X2..if you will be able to heal up when older.