ACL surguries and performance ...

I just had my ACL reconstructed and am wanting to do some MMA. I competed in the ABF(boxing) at the state and regional levels and did pretty well. Im wanting to start training in BJJ and MT and eventually do some MMA comps.

I was wondering if it will hinder me in any way down the road, when it heals 100% of course. Anyone have any personal experience with this or know of someone that has had it done and whether or not it affected them in any way??

Are leg locks and things of this sort bothering them in that knee, I guess Im just curious how there knee turned out becuase it sure needs to be 100% to be having someone crank on it during training and comps.

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I also had ACL reconstruction 3 months ago and I'm worried if I'll be able to compete at the same level as I did before the injury.

TTT for advice from everyone with experience.


Guys go back to playing in the NFL after ACL reconstruction. It is a surgery which is intended to restore normal stability and function to your knee. You should not expect any disability from this routine procedure. As far as MMA is concerned, Tito Ortiz had this surgery done recently, and his knee didn't appear to bother him in his recent fights. Timing is an important factor. Folks who wait a long time between injury and surgery seem to recover slower than those who get it done about 4 weeks after injury.

My advice, listen to your surgeon and your therapist, and ask them these same questions. Ask your surgeon how your knee looked when he or she was in there.

Great, good to know, I appreciate it guys....

I tore it about three years ago and just finally had it fixed. The surgeon said there was just a thread left. Ive been squatting on it, running, and raising hell in general but I figured I needed to have it done, plus insurance would now cover a prexising injury.

Im a month out from the surgury and walking fine, although it does pop here and there which Im told is normal and will go away.

Thanks again for the input ..

Thanks guys.

I've already printed out your article TheStewedOwl. It is great, thanks alot.