Adam Lynn takes out KATO!!!

Adam Lynn beats Kato tonight by a decision in a huge win. He beat him soundly and landed about 7 exciting head stomps. Big things are on the horizon for NG. Zack and Josh are up next weekend here in Guam and then I am up again in Pride on February 15th.

Congrats Adam you are a friggin stud.


ttt 4 NG!

Congrats to adam lynn..

exciting fight..

though i didnt have a good angle on that fight those stomps didnt look to damaging..But that head kick really looked like it landed clean..i think kato should have won that overtime round, i was kinda confused, but im not the judge..

Not to take away anything from adam, it was a good fight and i see a big future for this guy.. kato is ranked top 10 in the world good job..

chris brennan,
if you need anything while on guam shoot me a e-mail


Enson played with nishida... like expected.

congrats to all the fighters who participated..
it was a good card and a good overall event the turn out was huge.... anyways
a BIG SHOUT OUT TO my boy..

Robert "the cable man" Gutierrez..
won his fight by arm bar
(look out BJ j/k)


awsome!!!!! keep it up.

With "takes out" in the title I was expecting a KO not a close decision.


It wasn't a close decision. Kato won the 1st round and Adam won the next two. Then because the judges didn't know that the head stomps were legal there was a fourth round. Almost all the head stomps landed clean and the head kick was sick. Kato got a takedown early in the 4th and did nothing with it. Adam was very active the entire time. The judge told me after the fight that if he knew they were legal there wouldn't have been a fourth round.

But it was a very exciting fight.


The rules weren't explained beforehand? What would have happened if neither had wanted to go a 4th round?

Congrats to Adam and the rest of the fighters who won that night, i'm pretty sure it was exciting to watch..

wow check out that picture of Adam's kick, that's a BADASS picture!

Oh shit... how do you walk away from a kick like that?

that kick was hard....

kato seemed dazed but he never went down. lynn did a good job after to try and finish it.. but couldnt capitalize on the kick to finish the fight any other guy would have been KOed with that..

Very impressive win.

Congrats Adam go have a Rye and Coke !!! ( oh yeah you Americans say whiskey )

From the Canadian with no liver ha ha

Jason Darrah

Congratulations to Adam and Next Generation!---Robert

Congratulations, Adam!

yes its the top ranked Tetsuji Kato.. from purebred omiya. adam takes the upset win.. but kato isnt done yet..

Right on Adam! That is a huge win.

Could not have happened to a nicer guy.



Congrats Adam!

TTT for NG.

Go Josh and Zack!

and Chris!