Adam = PAIN

First half 1/2 Guard
Secon half dirty boxing

Can't wait till tomorrow. :-)




Was that a seminar group shot? If so, it looks like you, Adam, and Wally had some quality training partners ;)

Good Stuff. Hopefully I won't be deployed for the next one....

James Walker

I see no pain happening in that picture! Where is said pain?! Damn you Adam and your off road coaching!!!


I think the pain Marco's referring to is from the
insidious force boring its way into that blonde
woman's right leg.

The pain was not taking any of those hotties home. LOL

2nd Day
AM crazy monkey
PM crazy monkey into clinch

I'm dead beat. I'm going to lay on my sofa and sleep till I got to work tomorrow morning.

Thanks to Adam for some fantastic coaching. And thanks to Wally and Jehiad and his brother plus everyone else that attended the seminar. Great fun and learning by all!

To answer your question James, that little blond sitting on Adam's lap has a wicked closed guard! She used to play soccer so she held on like a vise with those little legs! I was brutal but someone had to be her partner! I’m real sorry you missed out, but I’m sure they’ll be a next time. (tee hee!)

All joking aside, I want to give big thanks for Adam coming all the way down to TX for a kick ass seminar. The knee ride demo at the end was the perfect way to close the day, although I think you may have bruised some of my internal organs! Thanks for the business advice and kicking my ass on my "Running Man" boxing style (your visual was great by the way). I look forward to deleting that from my game ASAP as well as improving my Crazy Monkey or as it will be called in the Hispanic community, “Crazy Chango”!

Huge thanks to Marco for allowing me to crash on his couch and carting my ass around town (we're lucking to be alive!). We'll definatly need to plan on a post-Spring Camp seminar, but those Blow Torch drinks better be on fire next time! Shot outs to: Kip (ice that neck bro!), Steve the Scot (Mr. Regular), Jehiah and Elijah (shaved heads give wicked road rash in the clinch, good tactic!), and who can forget Special Ed (the master nut kicker!). Keep it real homies!

Wally a.k.a. “Catfish” out!