ADCC 2005

Anyone know the line up yet?


Lister vs Arona ;)

Arona by points. He is too strong. I'm pretty sure Hansen is fighting too, so that'll be cool.

They have not sent out all of the invites yet.

ttt for info.

It was posted not too long ago. Well, the ones who qualified at least. Word is that Royler vs. Bravo is going to happen in round 1 since everybody wants to see it again. Jean Jaques might face Marcelo Garcia in the first round as well. The Brazilian trials happened just a week or two ago, check for the results to that.

"Arona by points. He is too strong"

I think his match is going to come down to the skill rather than the strength at the end.

Jean Jaques might face Marcelo Garcia .....
I have Garcia all the way. That kid is SIIIIICCK!!!

What's happening with the women's divisions? Where are the names for those? Are they only gonna have girls from the USA or will they be flying in other girls?

Lister gets pumped up for the ADCCs, I wouldnt count him out strength wise against Arona.

ttt, I think the girls line up'll be posted early Feb?

Wish I was on the list ......... :'0(

Wish I was on the list ......... :'0(