ADCC 2013 DAY 1 Submission Breakdown

ADCC 2013 DAY 1 Submission Breakdown

Like the last ADCC, I am trying to break down all the submissions in ADCC.

It looks like once again there were more leg attack finishes than RNCs and about as many or more leg attack finishes than triangles, armbars, and kimuras combined.

I had all three ADCC streams going on three different screens. I and the two other instructors I teach with watched every single men's match (61 matches).

Here is the breakdown of all submissions. If you see any mistakes let me know (watching 3 screens at once is hard).

Note: Most websites have Pietilainen/Britt as a pts finish...but my notes show it was possibly a kneebar??? The recorded stream on Ustream skips over this match. Can anyone who actually watched or heard from Britt or Pietilainen resolve this?

Leg Attack Finishes (8 or 9 total, 4 heelhooks, 1 or 2 kneebars, 1 toehold, 2 straight ankles):

Vinny def bo inside heelhook
Pietilainen def Britt kneebar or pts?
Buchecha def Friedrich Toehold
Lister def Yang heelhook
Kuminsky def Puopolo straight ankle
Lister def lenon heelhook
Barral def dong kneebar
Miyao def Ramos straight ankle
Miyao def Vieira heelhook

Upper body Finishes ( 20 total, 6 RNC, 3 armbar, 2 kimura, 4 guillotine, 3 triangle, 2 Darce):

Oliver's def Wilson RNC
Cyborg def Martell armbar
Sanchez def Mendoga crucifix RNC
Buchecha def Sekine kimura
Lazzarina def Otaviano Guillotine
Narkun def Isaev Triangle
Nogueira def drueco guillotine
Lazzarini def Uminski guillotine
Lovato def Anzai triangle
Piechota def. Calasans darce
Popovitch def. Avellan armbar
Lovato def Chsiev triangle
Keenan def piechota darce
Kron def Wang RNC
Sauza def Henderson armbar
Rafa def. Takahito kimura
Vieira def sasaki guillotine
Cobrinha def hemmings RNC
Rafa def Suzuki RNC
Galvao def Braulio RNC