ADCC Championship Rules?

Take notice:

3) Securing Points:

Mount position = 2 points (used to be 3)

Back mount with hooks = 3 points (Does not include body triangle with legs)

Passing the guard = 3 points

Knee on stomach = 2 points

Clean Sweeps = 4 points (Can anyone explain Pic on link ?)

Sweeps = 4 Points ( No Pic ?)

What exactly is a Clean Sweep? and why is a Clean Sweep and Sweep the same points? It was my understanding that a Clean Sweep was a Sweep that landed you in Cross Side or Mount and a Sweep was one that landed you in Guard or Half Guard. Judging by the pic link on Clean Sweep, I'm not quite sure what they are looking for.

Any answers or ideas?

Clean Take down (Ends passed the guard)= 4 points

Take down (Ends Guard or Half Guard)= 2 points