ADCC / Gracie / Chael Sonnen compete this weekend

ADCC is this weekend. Below are notable competitors in each division along w/ my picks to win it.

Who are your picks?

*** Superfights ***

Andre Galvao vs Claudio Calasans: GALVAO by points

Chael Sonnen vs Leo Vieira: VIEIRA by points

Renzo Gracie vs Sanae Kikuta (Renzo guillotined Kikuta 19 years ago in a mma match, ): RENZO by points

Notable participants

*** -66 KG ***

Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles

Justin Rader

Paulo Miyao

Augusto Mendes

AJ Agazarm

Baret Yoshida

Geo Martinez

…Cobrinha to win it.

*** -77 KG ***

Mansher Khera

Vagner Rocha

Garry Tonon

Lucas Lepri

JT Torres

DJ Jackson

Enrico Cocco

…DJ JACKSON to win it.

*** 88 KG ***

Murilo Santana

John Salter

Romulo Barral

Keenan Cornelius

Gordon Ryan

Pablo Popovich

Alexander “Xande” Ribeiro

Leandro Lo

Dillon Danis

Rustam Chsiev

…LO to win it.

*** - 99 KG ***

Yuri Simoes

Rafael Lovato Jr

Felipe Pena

Joao Assis

Jake Shields

Jeff Monson

…PENA to win it.

*** + 99 KG ***

Vinny Magalhaes

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu

Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida

Bruno Bastos

…BUCHECHA to win it.


*** - 60 KG ***

Mackenzie Dern

Michelle Nicolini

Beatriz Mesquita

…DERN to win it.

*** + 60 KG ***

Gabi Garcia

WAR Jake Shields!

also I thought Yuri was moving up,I guess not.And no Eddie Cummings?

88 kilos is a crazy division

Craig Jones should be in 88kg.

does gabi win by being the only person in her weight class

Chael competing in ADCC is a joke. 


WAR Jake Shields!

also I thought Yuri was moving up,I guess not.And no Eddie Cummings?

Cummings had to pull out due to injury

Some of these divs are pretty stacked though. Gonna be fun to watch.


John Dougherty - 88 kilos is a crazy division

Came to say this.

Is there a stream for any of this??

Listen up here peasants! Chael P Sonnen is the face of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. No one compares to his greatness. He already destroyed Galvao and now he’s going to wrestlefuck this Leo bum! Afterwards he’ll collect his money and shove it up the shieks asses! UNDEFEATED, UNDISPUTED, AND STILL THE TOUGHEST BAD GUY AROUND!!!

yellow's b@#ch07 - Is there a stream for any of this??
buddie -
yellow's b@#ch07 - Is there a stream for any of this??
It's on flograppling my good men! Shitty camera angles are almost guaranteed, but still it will be broadcast live.

88kg is CRAZY stacked 

88? All of those divisions are stacked…straight up Killers out there.

wonder how many boring matches will be this year?

Legit, this is the first I have heard of ADCC being this weekend. I remember when it use to be a pretty big deal.

When do they announce brackets?

Also I’m assuming is Nick Ryan competing at 66kg?

FloydSavedMySN -

Chael competing in ADCC is a joke. 

Sonnen competing most anywhere is a joke If he and Michael Bisping were to compete in a non grappling/striking only match, no one would get knocked out!

How does this tournament make money? I'm sure Jake Sheilds and Justin Rader and Vagner Rocha aren't gonna be grappling for free? It doesn't sound like a PPV event. Are they drawing that many people at the gate that they can pay all these guys, have tournament prizes, and make money??

Sonnen is competing in a meaningless super fight. It’s not that big of a deal. Also, ADCC has always been big on bringing in MMA guys.

I agree with all the OP’s picks except DJ Jackson. Lepri is going to crush that division.