ADCC NorthWEST on Sept. 19th!

 Hey Everyone,

I just got this e-mail and we will be setting up a booth down at this event!  This is an awesome opportunity to be a part of the ADCC grappling circuit, so we hope to see a lot of you northwesterners there!  You can easily register on-line and this should be an outstanding event! 

See you there,


P.S.  Also, anyone that stops by our booth and says, "Kirik Rocks" will get a free MMA or Boxing Glove keychain!




You can now start registering for the ADCC Northwest Regional Championships on September 19th , at Green River Community College at Auburn, WA.


The first 10 Grapplers to sign up will receive a free t-shirt, so sign up today!


This tournament is open to all age, gender and skill levels, and will follow ADCC rules and regulations.


Winners of the Advanced division will get an invite to fight at ADCC National Championships in 2010.

We will have special room rates. STAY TUNED!!!


ADCC officials will be on hand to scout all current and future talent. This is a wonderful opportunity for any Grappler to get discovered.  "On The Mat" will have a film crew out there documenting the fights for an ADCC DVD, so you don't want to miss this chance to be recognized.


Remember that the Tournament Mats are for sale.  As the Official Mat Sponsor of ADCC, Zebra will be utilizing its highest quality 1.5” Zebra MMA Mats at ADCC events and selling them at discounted prices.  To save big, contact or call 1-800-989-8085


Sponsored by: OTM, BUDO Videos,, Zebra Mats Rupture Clothing and Warrior-One.


Hope to see you all in September!


Brett Boyce













 not too many more days!

Roll Call Time:  Who's going to be there?


For those who also might think they want to compete, this tournament is open to ALL skill levels.  Here is a recent e-mail I just got:

Grapplers and Fans,
ADCC Northwest is only a week away. It is very important to know that this competition is open to everyone, no matter age or skill level.
For Children, this is a great way for them to learn the rules and grappling style that ADCC has to offer.  We have great medals and all kids get participation medals.
For Adult Novice and Beginners, this is a great no-gi grappling tournament.  If you ever want the chance to compete at a higher ADCC level in the future, this is your shot.
For you Intermediates, this is your next step to represent America at ADCC. Test your skills against some of the best Intermediate grapplers in your area. This also gives you the chance to learn all the rules and become a better ADCC Grappler before you turn Advanced.
For Advanced grapplers, this is it. This is your shot to make it to ADCC Nationals in 2010. If you have any desire to fight the Nation's Best, come test your skills this weekend. We currently have four grapplers per weight class who have made it to Nationals, we only need another 12 spots before June of 2010. We will be taking 1 more per weight class from this tournament. Come get it!
Tournament Schedule -
Tournament Hotel - Days Inn - 253 939 5950 Code:ADCC


We are still looking for referees and table workers. So if you are interested, please let me know. Also please let your school know about this ADCC tournament. There is a nice prize for the Team Champion, so get your team together.

Any questions please e-mail me at
See you this weekend,
Brett Boyce


Anybody know when the doors open? How much it costs to watch? Etc?

7am and it is $15 to watch



 Should be a great time.  We have about 50 boxing gloves and 30 MMA Glove Keychains we will be giving away there.  But you have to give us the phrase:

 "Kirik Rocks"



TTT for tomorrow

Results anyone??? I missed it. Damn it. Ended up pulling some side work that I couldn't pass up.