Adcc schedule

are you switching b/t mats or watching all 3 at once? is it worth getting?

Leo Nogueira wins, dunno how.

Assis working hard from the back for a choke against an Asian dude.

Switching back and forth.

Compared to previous years, it sucks. I'd get ADCC no matter what, though. Way I figure, it's every two years and about the cost of a single UFC event.

Assis wins. Popovich up, trying to pass.

I think popovich is up against that asian guy who gave lovato hell in the last adcc. He appears to have that same funky quarter guard or whatever. Oh, now pablo's passed.

Holy shucks, flying triangle from Lovato!

chickenscratch - Cyborg wins via something from the back.

Buchecha wins but I don't know how because I'm typing this out to you bastards.

You sir are get'n VTFU!

Rustam Chsiev up, I think. Who else has back hair like that?

sorry for the all the questions. $20 per channel per day or $20 for both days?

sorry for the all the questions. $20 per channel per day or $20 for both days?

Pablo wins via pts, I believe.

Surely it's $20 per channel for both days? I ain't dishing out another $60.

Calasans has his opponent in the closed guard.

Avellan in a long match against some dude.

Chsiev doing typical gorilla stuff. No passes or anything yet.

Calasans trying wristlocks from closed guard and rdlr sweeps when he opens up.

Avellan has to be ot or double ot by now.

Calasans can't sweep.

Chsiev by points.

Just got done training, anyone have streams or anything?? Phone Post

Keenan up soon. I think I heard the announcer mangle his name.

Keenan almost gets clark's back, Clark escapes, keenan bodylock from back now.

Clark defending well.

Calasans in ot now, i think.

Clark escapes the bodylock. Good match!

Lots of scrambling. 50/50 for Keenan and Clark now.

Calasans got passed. Might be losing.