ADCC - Womens results and semis

Under 55 kg

1st Round

Megumi Fuji submitted Rachel Wheatley

Felicia Oh defeated Leticia Ribiero

Bianca Baretto defeated Jean Alvisse

Sayaka Shioda defeated Cindy Hales

Semi Finals

Bianca Andrade vs Saiaka Shioda

Megumi Fuji vs Felicia Oh

Under 60kg

1st Round

Tara Larosa defeated Rebecca Attwood

Vanessa Porto defeated Takayo Hashi

Kyra Gracie submitted Caoimhe McGill

Hitomi Akano defeated Casey Blasso

Semi Finals

Tara LaRosa vs Takayo Hashi

Kyra Gracie vs Haomi Akano

Under 67kg

1st Round

Kelly Paul submitted Fiona Muxloy

Marloes Coenen submitted Keiko Tamai

Stacey Cartwright submitted Emily Kwock

Hanette Quadros defeated Shayna Bascler

Semi Finals

Kelly Paul vs Marloes Coenen

Stacey Carwright vs Hanette Quadros

Over 67kg

1st Round

Rosangela Conceiçao submitted Jennifer Guiola

Lana Stefanac submitted Yoko Takahashi

Penny Thomas submitted Shannon Hooper

Celita Schultz defeated MaryAnne Mullahy

Semi Finals

Rosangela Conceicao vs Lana Stefanac

Penny Thomas vs Celita Schultz

Penny is my girl!  One of the coolest girls I have ever meet!!! Glad to see her get her shot at ADCC.  She already was 2 Pan-Am Golds, and I belive 2 or 3 World Championships Golds (Purple & Blue Belt)!

Not only is she bad ass on that mat...she is preety cute as well!!!

(Penny Thomas at the 2006 Pan-Ams)

edited in order to confirm info?!?!?

How did Penny beat Celita Shultz? That is pretty impressive.

Not fact, I am not sure if she won her division...I just ready that she was best by Kelly Paul.  But I am not sure if that wa sin the Absolute of not...

Hopefully, someone with "Real" info will post all the results



Under 55kg - Sakaia Shioda defeated Felicia Oh by points

Under 60kg - Kyra Gracie defeated Tara LaRosa by 3 to 0

Under 67kg - Hanette Quadros defeated Kelly Paul by score of 9 to 0

Over 67kg - Penny Thomas defeated Lana Stefanac by penalty point

I heard Celita Schutz vs. Penny Thomas didn't happen due to an injury to Celita... can anyone confirm?


My girl won!!!

Are you confirming that Celita was injured and did not fight in the semi's?

Or are you confirming that Celita did fight and that she lost? Thanks for the help

I believe Celita Shutz got injured during the match with Penny Thomas
The fight was 2 points for Thomas after Shutz threw her with "sumi
Gaishi" and after a scramble Thomas ended up on top.

so I dont know if she got credit for the takedown or a sweep but was
also penalized for stalling or guard pulling, not sure and one 1-0

she had an intersting guard style playing an upside down guard and

she went on and beat Lana Stefanic in the finals 0 to -1 but I cant
explain that score but I assume Stefanic got penalized for not passing
the Guard.

It was hard to understand some of the scoring and rules one person
told me that Penny Thomas got a point for the size difference against
Stefanic ??

I found out what happened.

Celita won her first match, then popped her knee while attempting to pass the guard in her second match. She finished the match even with her injury, but ended up losing on points.

She did not fight for 3rd due to her injury, so technically she took 4th place.

Celita iniciated the throw but Penny ended on top. Penny gets the points!

I got to train with Penny when she was here in Hawaii last year and she is
a really cool chick and she has a great "star guard pass" also!!