Add to Kens list of achievments

Better dressed man than Tito.

50rounds, your right. I posted the video last week.

longest dragging out of a retirement needed for a washed up fighter

Oscar winning acting potential. See Scarecrow 2

Helped open doors for american fighters to fight in japan.

Saku, if your names a show of respect to Sakuraba, I admire your ability to show Ken the respect he deserves.

You do realise Ken was about to end the fight with a knee bar in his fight with you when the referee jumped in to stop it?

I dont remember seeing that.

Obviously pigs CAN fly then FriendlyFiend.


The first to show golf is the answer to training for a fight.

Ken has supplied more laughs than any other fighter

Allowed Tito to win in their first fight for the good of the sport!