Add your Judo/Sambo club to index

I've significantly improved and updated the Grapplearts Grappling School Directory.  It is now a searchable database (e.g. you can search for "MMA" in "Ohio") with special categories for Judo and Sambo clubs.  I'd appreciate it if forum members could make sure that their school is listed in the directory and/or get the head instructor to add it. 

To search for a school goto

To enter your school info goto



Can you import the club info from this file?

It's a list of all registered Judo clubs in BC.


Thanks Ed, but I don't want to any of the importing myself - the beauty of this setup is that entries are editted by the person who enters the data.  This way if a club moves, or changes phone numbers, or gets a webpage it can easily be updated by the people in the know.

If Ed (or anyone else) has a Judo club mailing list please feel free to send it to and I will send out an announcement to those clubs to go and enter their data at

16 Judo schools added in 24 hours - not bad!

Info from PDF's can not be imported to regular text from Acrobat Reader,..

you gotta roll up your sleeves and type