Adesanya breaks down Vettori vs Costa while also clowning them in the process

This is likely the most entertaining breakdown of Saturday’s main event.

Really dying to know what the racist juicer thinks.


Less of a breakdown and more of him just saying they suck and how much better he is. Also he seems to really enjoy talking about humping Costa.


LOL “Brazilian grapes stepped on by favela feet, hint of acai”

Yzzy is good fighter dont get me wrong, definetly not anderson silva matrix level but good.
AAaand still he sounds like mental midget, like he doesnt feel good about himself in some way

Isn’t it the standard bully psychology? Don’t feel good about yourself so you try to put down others to fill some sort of void. He’s an odd cat.

I think it’s because he’s got cheaters remorse. Also that titty has got to fuck with your head. I’m curious when was the first time the titty appeared?

That was actually entertaining.

He’s a dork and an asshole, but that was fun.

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Thats bad? :joy: :joy: :joy:

Show us your tit!

Go back to another Colby or Chael video then where you feel safe

I feel just fine thanks. You being a smart ass doesn’t change what Adesanya is.