Adesanya Drops “Official Trailer” For Pereira Bout


Oh yes I can’t wait for this one. I like Izzy as a person but as a fighter he’s a snooze fest. Let’s go AP


Izzy relies on his opponent to bring the excitement.

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Dana “absolutely positively guarantees” this will be a crazy fight.

So basically it will suck now.


Izzy can make a shit out boring. But it takes two to tango


if opponent doesn’t jump on him like w/o head, its gonna be a boring fight and its a fact

It does take two, which means Izzy is always one of them.

Absolutely nobody likes when a clearly very skilled fighter uses those skills to avoid damage at all costs and win as safely as possible as opposed to using them to blow people out.

People hated Anderson for it.

People hated GSP for it.

People hate Adesanya for it.

You can’t force a guy to take exciting risks just because he’s better so it is what it is but as a fan it’s pretty lame.

Anderson blew people out way more often than not.

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Aldo, GSP, Jones, Izzy all became more conservative thru the defenses.

Anderson remained a finisher thru and thru. Khabib also started finishing more as a champ although his reign wasn’t nearly as long as the first 3 mentioned above. Charles remains a finisher and now can finish u standing or on the ground. I think he has the best finishing rate of all champs (in title fights and ufc career). He only has one decision in his current streak of 11 or 12 wins and that was only due to Tony willing to let his arm break.

I thin Volk gets a bad rap and has laid the beat down in his last 3 fights incl against Max the third time and can’t blame him for going Uber technical vs Max thr first 2 times. It’s Max.


We all love finishes but championship longevity is also something to be admired as it gets tougher and tougher thru the longer defense numbers.

Also Usman became more of a finisher as a champ of course as he developed his hands.

Same with Hughes but by way of subs later into his reign.

Alex is going to bring it.

All Izzy has to do is take Pereira to the ground, just like Ngannou did when he was outmatched on the feet in his last fight. The question is, will he let his ego overcome his smarts.

Good post.

The Bow-gi Man

It’s hard to get takedowns against big guys like Peireira. And Izzys offensive wrestling is unknown.

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Crap post.

As if Israel is some great wrestler. He got out wrestled by Jan, a terrible wrestler. Yeah, Jan was big, but Alex is just as big. I’d say Alex is going to be 215 at the least in the cage, with Israel not hovering much above 200lbs.

Who’s to say Alex doesn’t use what he has learned from Glover and muscles Israel to the mat.