advice please....

lets say youve gotten to a point where you can train for free at various locations bc of the people youve met training over the LAST TEN YEARS. one such place has a quality instructor that is willing to work with me alone and can really help my game.

There is also a great gym right down my street with a ton of guys to train with who have helped my game considerably and it feels great to be part of that, but i have to pay.

this is not an issue of money. just, what would you do? would you continue paying for that gym and train with your friends when you can? that is what i think im gonna do.

That's a really tough call and there are too many factors that you did not list. What is your rank? How much experience do you have? You mentioned 10 years but I don't know what it is 10 years of and how consistent, etc.

What are your goals?

If you are a white or blue belt and your friends are all whites and blues then you should probably find a way to see the higher level instructor, because, after all, other white and blue belts can only take you so far.

If there's a good purple, brown or black belt among your friends then stick with them if you are happy there. Even if there is only a purple or two, there are some great instructional videos out there. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Could you get to the high level instructor once a week? You mentioned that you would be working with him alone, which tells me that you would only have one body to work with, which would also slow your game down.

Could you bring the high-level instructor down to your buddies' place once in a while instead of you going up to see him, or is there a conflict of interest there?

If you have to make a choice between the two, here's how I feel about it: if you can call these people your friends, and you say that they really have helped your game and that you feel good that you are a part of that group, then you cannot put a price on it. Money isn't even a factor in that instance. If it's a matter of once you walk out you risk damaging your relationship with them, I wouldn't even consider doing it.

Always remember that the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.

I would stick around where I was happy and comfortable.

See if you could find a way to get to the high level instructor once or twice a month if it doesn't strain any political ties.

Last, count your blessings that you have a great group of buddies right down the street from you. I have to drive 35 minutes for it but still count my blessings every day that I am there.

the level of even blue belts where i pay is very high. my game has improved so much just by training with this group of tough guys, i havent seen much instruction, but thats ok, im purple, and i see it as a transitionary phase, one where i need to explore my game with what i already know, so i think the school where i pay is definitely beneficial. the other school, the bb is a friend of mine and he has no problems with me asking him any questions, its like going to a private lesson everytime i go there. good instruction for free, incredible training partners for money. ive pretty much decided to do both.

the school i pay doesnt care if i train with other ppl btw, they are secure ppl, one of the best, no bs schools ive trained at. my bb friend has a ton of students training when i go there btw, so i get to roll with other ppl as well.

"I've pretty much decided to do both."

Sounds like a plan. Good luck!

I like rolling with the new guys. Have 'em put on a loose judo gi. THat will really show how skilled you are. It will also bring the attention to the holes in you game.

go where you'll grow, but train where you can.

Money is tight for everyone especially in this day and age. If you can train for free, then why not. I wish I was faced with this kind of scenario.


Personally I would think a mix of the two would be perfect, there is nothing better than seeing how things work against multiple opponents. One person can show you a move that will work against them 100% of the time while you might try the move against someone with lesser experience who finds a way to escape you never thought (flexibilty, retard strength) of so every time you learn something you have to tweak it against as many people as possible from lower to higher belts before you have really made the move part of you game rather than just knowing the technique of the move from point A to B. Plus if you are only having one on one class and you drop a rancid fart who else do you have to point the finger of blame at....