Aerts injured, McDonald MMA Debut

Aerts is out of the K-1 Beast show. He was injured training with Pedro Rizzo.

Ignashov will be fighting Williams instead.

Lyoto will be fighting MacDonald in MMA rules.

Partial Card -

(MMA Rules)

Sapp vs Mongolian

Ignashov vs Williams

Lyoto vs MacDonald

(K-1 Rules)

Nakasako vs Maverick

Hiromi Amada vs Butterbean

Vondracheck vs Tomihara

Miyamato vs Chris Koza (spel ?)

There was meant to be 5 of each type of rules, so there could be a few more, however the site is giving a fight order so I'm not sure ...

Ohh..there is already a thread - K-1 Beast 2004 MMA Bouts