AFC-1:"Genesis" pictures....

Happy New Year to you all.....

check out some pics from AFC at

Please, don't drink and drive.

am i ever going to get hooked up with my t-shirt that I won???


Very nice. Any chance of seeing higher resolution pictures? The pics are very nice but a little small, I would like to see a little more detail.

When is the DVD to be released?

Thank you.

Looks like Lance just pulled a "Kano" from Mortal Kombat and ate his heart (I think that was his Fatality---can't remember for sure).Awesome pics!!

It takes balls to fight!!! That is Esfiha's blood!!
Sometimes I'm glad I'm a 40 year old!! I hope they will get a second chance to fight. Lets make it happen AFC!!

I think it was a Ring Girl.....


Hey Jason How is it going?

Who took the Pictures?

Are they Video Captures?

When is the next AFC event?

Whens the next one???????

Nah...have it in WINNIPEG!

We are working on that as we speak. We are not going to hurry into it but we need to have AFC-2

We are also looking to have AFC "Super Strikers" this will be a kickBoxing card only so that we can broaden the experience of MMA fighters and offer a home to see more of your favorite fighters in action other than MMA.

I do hope we can give you all some great shows in the fututer soon to come.

We are almost ready for the DVD release of AFC"Genesis" the fights are awsome!!!

C Ya!