AFC Feb 12

Other than Singer v. Ferreira, which should be a great fight, what fights are on the card?


I know that Din Thomas vs Jake Short is on the card.


I think im fighting Nick Thompson

" I think im fighting Nick Thompson"

NO SHIT?!?!?!?!?! did this happen??? this the Nick Thompson that was calling Rory and Marcel out?

yeah same guy. my original opponent dropped out due to injury so they offered me that guy. I accepted so I assume its done. I have not heard from miguel in a few days so your guess is as good as mine.

Sorry charles, I just signed to fight Gideon Ray in COMBATDO the week prior to the AFC. I would love to fight you but I'm guessing that Miguel won't allow me to take a fight within a week of the AFC for obvious reasons. If this is the case, best of luck to you and hopefully we can work out some kind of deal in the future.

Ok sorry I guess I was wrong. When promoters dont call back when they say they will I get left with a lot of guess work. Good luck in your fight.

DAMN...i wanted to see this fight..

Charles..hopefully you'll get something bro. I might fly up for this as well so if you do, i'll see you there...

good luck Nick

Cool I am 99% positive they will come up with someone.

TTT and lets hope for the audience's sake (but not his opponent) that Charles gets on the card. If Charles fights, you know its gonna be entertaining, and with Din fighting and Marcel and Rory, this is shaping up to be great night of fights.

TTT for Charles!

Thanks pjoness I certainly appreciate your support.

pjoness....for sure....Charles is AWESOME to watch! Totally entertaining....tons of heart & the house gets rockin when he comes out!

WOW. Nick is fighting Guideon Ray.  Good luck Nick you'll need it Guideon is one tought SOB.

3t for more info on this card.