AFC results and gives thanks to...

Roli would have loved to have been man handled LOL

I really thought he controlled the fight with his jab, kicks, take downs, and superior ground game. In retrospect i guess asa coach i hsould have asked for a take down and submission, but i know that part of Roli's game is solid and we wanted to see his stand up. Roli did good with teh game plan and in my eyes won the fight. I love that new cage.

AFC has a Cage?????? Wahts up Matt / Roli?

sergek, Thanks. Like Matt said, I felt I controlled the fight. Ultimatly I should have finished him.

Roli Delgado

how are you Jay? Fighting much? ihavent been hearing your name as often lately

You bastard! How are you man? Matt and I just opened a gym, check out

I could MAYBE see the draw on 1 card, but how did one judge see Love winning? That's what I can't figure.

I thought Roli should've won.

I only got to see a few fights, but having the show live on the Internet is awesome.

Thanks Carlao!

needed more Faircloth

Haven't fought since March, went and got maried and shit. Will be fighting in the Main Event for KOTC on a BC, Canada card in OCT. Gym looks good.

THanks Jay. Congrats on the MARRIGE! Just got married about 5 months ago myself! Good luck!

I felt Roli should have won too.I also think one judge scored the Heander "Cubita" Rodriguez (FFA, Miami,FL) vs. Shane Weinischke(Tallahassee FC, Tallahassee, FL) fight 20 - 16 for "Cubita".I felt "Cubita" won that fight 20-18.I didn't think he did enough to get a 20-16 score.I think the judging was off that night.The fights weren't has good has past AFC shows,but it was still a fun night.TTT for AFC.

TTT Carlao, cant wait to see who is on the next card.. HINT HINT.

3t for the judges

yea, 3t for the judges

ttt for the judges? how about an fu for the judges!

ttt for 1 inch athletic tape, not 1 1/2 but ONE FUCKING INCH athletic tape

This may have already been answered, but what was the deal with the singlet?

How can you expect a real man to fight without a pink singlet? It just ain't right.

i think its written intothe Florida Athletic Commision by lawas that im the only person allowed to wear a singlet

ttt for AFC and the color pink.

1 inch tape only? I guess they didn't think it was big enough to allow the 1 1/2 inch tape.