Affliction Press Conference Pictures

Esther was on hand to get these awesome photos!

 Great pics.

Terry Martin looks like Mike Tyson.

Dewees seriously looks like someone photoshopped a 6-year old's face on some guy with big forearm's body.

The Nogueira brothers seem to age at 3x the rate of normal people. By the way, gotta love Rog's stats on -- 0-16. Nothing but losses for Minotoro!

Wow, this event is going to be amazing.

Aleksander is the most terrifying looking human on the planet

2JupitersTooMany - Aleksander is the most terrifying looking human on the planet


 LOL @ Rog's stats.

 Can't wait!!!

I like Paul B, but this doesn't look like it's going to turn out well:

I support Paul B, but that looks like a picture taken moments before a savage, guiltless murder

 I also agree that Aleks looks very intimidating. 

I really like Aleks, but I have made up my mind for a month and I think that Paul wins this fight by KO.  Of course, if Aleks takes it to the ground, I think that he wins but I am sticking with my pick; The Headhunter by KO.

I am so excited for this card!

still undecided on what to watch

still undecided on what to watch

Best card ever? I can not place a better one.

 I think it is funny that you'd rather watch the terrible UFN card than this Affliction card which is very stacked.

 Los Angeles Press conference

this is the best picture ever. Russia meets Mexico.

Fedor looks cool as a cucumber.

I guess they are also putting on a freak show as some sort of side act?

silva/irvin is kind of cool but this card is amazing!

Paul can win this fight with a good gameplan... Im taking my boy in this one via KO in the 2nd round!