after baroni's suspension is up...

i would like to see Murray Vs. Baroni.

True words

Murrary and Baroni would be fuckin great.. and good for the sport

Baroni's first fight will almost certainly be a rematch with Tanner. There is bad blood there so it will make for an interesting rematch. The trash talking started right after their last fight.

Murray might of KO'd Tito by Phil will need a tuneup fight before then

Fryklund/Weir ? Thats one fight thats going to carry a 3 fight card? :)

Fryklund would kill Weir.

Fryklunds last two fights have been wins against C & B level fighters, respectively. He's ready to step up again.

Weir just lost to some scrub by rear naked, and has lost 3 of his last 4. Seems pointless to me.

"I'd love to see Murray beat on Baroni and knock him back into gay porn." LOL

"knock him back into gay porn"

Back into????

that would indicate that he got out if it

Baroni would knock Murray on his ass in the first round end of story.

lol..Murrary wouldn't walk theu would be an explosive standup fight. Lindland has alot of skill and couldn't finish Baroni. Styles make fight and this would be a good one.


Gator how can we specualte that Baroni would run thru Murrary? Only thing we have seen of Murrary has been spectacular.. beating Pele..beating Rivera very fast fairly impressively.. to say that Baroni would just kill Murrary is kinda just imaginative rather based on facts

after baroni's suspension is up....he'll probably do something to get suspended again.

Seeing as DAVID "THE CROW" LOISEAU has already defeated Weir and Fryklund, he should be thrown into the mix. He also had a tough fight with Rivera

my thought

I know who my money would be on if Baroni fights Tanner again.

Tanner may have won, but it was pretty clear where that fight was headed.

And I just don't bellieve that Murry is good enough to beat him.

When Baroni fights Tanner again, he had had better hit Tanner hard, early, and stay on him. If Tanner gets to the clinch, Baroni is done. He will end up on his back, and he has never been effective from his back.