After Coutore beats Belfort.....

The only logical thing for him to do is to fight in Pride or have a slew of inter league matches. Whose left for him in the UFC?????? There are so many possible matches for him in Pride that could be headliner matches, and settle the dispute of the best 205lb fighter. Ofcourse I'de love to see him fight Silva, but if he beats Silva easily like he beat Tito and Chuck there is no question he could take Rampage, Sak, Yoshida or Busta. The point is the only fights he has left are in Pride and I can't wait for any of them to happen . I'de also like to see him fight guys like Cro cop and Minotauro. He would easily takedown Crocop and dominate him on the ground and the Minotauro fight would be a war on the ground. Hope this happens!

Of all the people you mentioned, the ONLY one who I could ever see beating Randy is Minotauro.

Mino *could* possibly sub Randy from his guard, everyone else would be defeated easily by Randy, IMO.

El guapo right now there is a 65lb difference btwn Ricco and Randy. I meant as a 205lb fighter.

randy said he is going to give a rematch to whoever wins the tito/chuck fight. So we have that to look forward to. I personally would love to see a couture Tito rematch.

I don't think that it is a given that Couture is going to win this match. I think he has the upper hand, but not by much. He can't look past this fight.

are you guys just conceeding victory over Vitor? I think Randy is extremely tough but Vitor is no walk in the park and I think he can beat anybody on any given night. Remember he gave Chuck hell on real short notice.

i don't think it is really a lock that he will beat belfort, although its likely. but the winner definately should look forward to fighting the winner of tito/liddell and then fight the pride middleweight champ (Silva) at PrideUSA's debut.

I honestly don't think that Chuck or Tito w/ all the best training and prep in the world can show much better then they did in their first match w/ Randy. They were both very prepared and didn't think twice about losing in their first matches and were both dominated. I understand Randy's point of view that a rematch w/ either one of them is a big paycheck and probably an easy win, But there are better fights for him in Japan right now. And yea Vitor "could " win this fight, but I think Randy will.

EL QUAPO...C`MON,Randy was winning on all score cards till he got elbowed by an illegal strike. happens. but dont act like ricco was dominating,or "sent him down" in weight. Get real dude.
Look what Coture did to Rizzo,and look what Rizzo did to Ricco.

LOL, most people tend to match up poorly with equally skilled opponents who are bigger and stronger than them.

Couture will pound out a decision over Belfort, and then go do the same to Silva in Pride.... and there's nothing you can do to stop him.

are you kidding? coture beat belfort?

vitor will come out looking like the old vitor and destroy randy with a 200 punch flurry.

just kidding, figured someone else would say it by now.

If Randy beats Belfort I think the most important thing for him to do is fight Silva.

Agreed. Randy will likely never get rematches with Ricco or Barnett at heavyweight so he should concentrate on owning the worldwide 205 scene.

If Randy would have came in with the same gameplan against Ricco as he did against Tito he would have won IMO. Randy was trying to takeout Ricco standing and left himself open to the takedown which was a mistake he didn't make against Tito.

El Guapo is correct. Couture is one of my favorite fighters but I think people are too quick to say hes unbeatable. Vitor has a chance to beat him. Randy might be the best at 205 right now but he isn't unbeatable.

I think if Randy beats Vitor then he should retire. Go out on a high note. He would have beat the top guys in his division then.

EL GUAPO..Randy was winning...that doesnt mean you cant leave yourself in a bad posistion to take an illegal elbow to the eye? whats your point? I know Randy lost,I saw the fight. I aint butt hurt about it. We all know Randy is ten times the MMA fighter Ricco is.

Randy is a legend that dominated a weight class that he should`ve never even fought at. Now he is where he should`ve always been,and at 40 years old. He`s the best fighter in the world at LHWT. Ricco is a Super Heavy cutting to be a Heavy and couldnt even defend a title he should`ve never had. He`s a good fighter..but Randy is a legend.

Randy beats Vitor = better action in the wieght class than Vitor beating Randy. If Randy doesn't win he would probably finish his contract and retire(who could blame him).

Randy retaining his title would leave us with alot of great talented fighters battling for a title shot. I doubt that any other LHW champion would be willing to defend the belt as often as I'm hoping Randy will.