After Verissimo beats Newton?

Does he get a shot at Hughes?

Karo or Verissimo...............

I'd like to see either one take on Hughes.

Hughes should fight an up and comer from a lower promotion in a non-title match until the welterweight division establishes another contender. Build someone up first. In the mean time have him do a non-title match and a rematch against Hallman.

I'll go along with that!

thats a good idea

"What happened to paying your dues or working your way up the ladder?"

I agree, but the ufc ww division isn't exactly replete with contenders right now. If Karo were to be built up with a few more fights, it'd mean that Hughes would have a really long layoff. he probably wants to keep fighting.

"id like to see either of them fight karo."

If Karo and Verissimo both win, thats a good match, then the winner can face hughes.

Karo VS Verissimo, is a bad idea.

If Hughes is so good, have him face one of them at the next show, and the other at the show after that. We can keep seeing Hughes against a different opponent.

And he can just keep on building onto his impressive fight record............if he wins.