Aggressive guard or counter player????

Recently I was promoted to the rank of purple belt and since that time I have been given the opportunity to instruct students one night a week @ my gym. This has made me critique my own moves in order to explain them better, especially when it comes to my guard game.

One day while instructing on a half guard sweep I realized that most of my sweeps are counters to my opponents movement. whether he is pushing forward with pressure, turning towards my legs or backing out I only react when he does. Is this a bad guard game to have? Is it better to be more aggressive with my attacks?

I rarely competed as a white or blue but I do want to start up soon, just looking for some opinions from my jiu-jitsu brothers?

Thx guys!!!

It was explained to me by my instructor that the counter game you describe is the "spirit of jiu-jitsu".

Taking what your opponent gives you, rather than trying to "force" any particular technique.

I'd say that's a great guard. forcing sweeps Isnt good technique. I think the best way to have an aggressive guard is with submissions. Always threaten with collar chokes and break their posture to look for armbars and triangles. if they start to pass then look for the sweep. I usually only look to submit from guard and sweep if their trying to pass. Thanks for bringing that to my attention tho. Im a 3rd degree blue looking to compete soon. Phone Post

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It depends honestly.
In MMA you will run into people who don't attempt anything from the guard other than strike and control. In these cases, we see the counter guard player unable to accomplish anything.
In BJJ you will have many opportunities to counter, but in MMA not so much. Also, as I reached brown belt I saw more and more of the stall game in BJJ tourny's, again the guy not giving much when in your guard if he was up on points.

so it depends.


Being good with those counter moves is good. But if a guy is stalling or playing defensive, you gotta be able to make something happen.

Most of the BJJ world champs try to impose their will on their opponents.

Against the elite competitors, if you wait to counter attack, you will already be defending, or tapping.