Aggressive yob gets clowned and slinks off after one well-placed punch

This was one the first videos I watched on YouTube like 10 years ago


I love they way he bounced off the guy when he tried to push him.


This site is literally scraping the bottom of the internet for content now


Just wait until they find all the mcdojo content using force fields and shit with Bonnar in the background

Hehe um, very welcome blast from the past

Jason, your links never work for me anymore.

This is probably the 7th or 8th straight time in the last couple weeks.

Wait until you see the Star Wars Kid video!

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Content and choice of pejoratives. Who the hell calls someone a “yob” these days?

Why don’t you marry content?


That is so old. However, it does make me laugh every time at the end when the other guy closes his gate for him haha.

That nerdy dude must have felt like a boss that night, his dinner will never have tasted so good.

He’d probably imagined the scenario a million times in his head; as I doubt it was the first time he’s been fucked with in that shit area. And good on him. He stood his ground and I hope never got bullied again.



“TMA Guy Is Extremely Lucky That He Didn’t Get Cold-Cocked When Standing With His Hands Down While Nose To Nose With An Agressor.”

Karate stance? looks more Wing Chun stance to me. Maybe WC does work? ))