akira kikutchi info?

im interested in learning about jake shields next opponent, akira kikutchi. any info is appreciated.

This will be a rematch of a bout that they had last year (Shields by decision).

Akira is 9-1 with 6 submissions (all armbars or keylocks), 1 TKO. His reputable wins have been over Jutaro Nakao, Sam Morgan (13-3 with a submission over Aaron Riley at the time), Seichi Ikemoto, Kolo Koka, and Jani Lax

He is primarily a Judoka with solid newaza (he is said to be Olympic level). Good takedowns, poor stand-up...

thanks rich.

--- "Also, he will probably lose to Shield's amazingly boring but effective "takedown/suffocation/lay and pray game"

While I won't argue as to whether or not Jake has been boring before (perhaps a majority of the time - namely against Sakurai and Kikuchi), BUT he was very fast-paced and exciting against Milton Veiria and Ray Cooper (in the title bout).

I'm picking Kikuchi by submission this time. He took Shields down pretty easily in the first fight, but seemed to be too excited in there and gave up top position too easily. He's not like a Rumina Sato, he doesn't like to jump into submissions. He slowly sets them up. But against Shields he was overly wild, not like he usually fights. If he stays within his normal game this time, he should submit Shields.

shields has matured so much, and will not disapoint here. he was fighing and winning in shooto with little experience. what have you done

he was fighing and winning in shooto with little experience.

Same goes for Kikuchi.

what have you done

I'm confused as to what this has to do with my prediction for the fight.

I'm not saying Shields sucks. He's a very good fighter. I'm just saying I think Kikuchi has the right style to beat Shields.

actually that post got cut short. i meant to post "what have you done to make the world a better place." my bad

Gilbert Melendez will be taking on Takaya since Jens cancelled that fight...

Melenedz is BIG for 143 lbs. He will be strong and in very aggressive... It will be a good match, but different (style-wise) than what Jens/Takaya would have been.