Al Iaquinta is the Long Island Nick Diaz

Doesn't give a fuck. KO's Diego Sanchez then plugs his real estate business, lol. That dude's a killer.

Seems like a shitty real estate agent, but decent fighter.

Maitreya - Hes a douchebag

Seems a mean thing to say considering your screen name.

Love that dude

Guy is a G. 

GaspareBJJ -

Love that dude


he's pretty fun.

strong island

Was so awkward lmao. 


"Hey UFC, do the right thing, we can have a good thing together..."


i paraphrase. 

Maitreya - Hes a douchebag
Why not both?

He's great but nothing in common with Diaz

I love him. If "Ragin' Al" wasn't already a great nickname I'd endorse a change to Al "Long Island Nick Diaz" Iaquinta though. 

I feel like Al Iaquinta is pretty much how Nick Diaz would've turned out if he'd grown up in the Long Island culture, and vice versa.

Also, both say whatever they want with no filter. Feel like an apt comparison.

Stu Cazzo - 

He's great but nothing in common with Diaz

they represent their respective home states well.

Al "The LIND" Iaquinta

209ese - Great fighter but not exactly the type of guy I want to buy a house from.

I'd feel like I was buying it straight from the mob.

Love that guinea...Is he a guinea?????

Maitreya - Hes a douchebag

He's not. He's real as it gets and a young talented fighter


Brain fart - he's a WW

i showed him the right hook