Aldo training in Holland with K-1 star Andy Souwer

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                                Aldo training in Holland with K-1 star Andy Souwer

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José Aldo and Johnny Eduardo, champions of UFC and Shooto Brazil respectively, are always looking for great training. Besides the traditional hard training they have in Rio de Janeiro, the guys went to Holland to sharpen their striking with Andy Souwer, two-time K-1 champion , who has 86 of his 137 wins by knockout.

“Andy Souwer didn’t become three-time champion of K-1 joking. He’s really good, he’s teaching the both of us many new things”, said Aldo to TATAME via internet this morning. “We’re training so we improve our Muay Thai skills”.

In April, Aldo will have his UFC debut against Mark Hominick, while Johnny puts his Shooto belt at on the line. “The guy is f------ good, he’s helping us a lot not only on the trainings. He’s an extraordinary human being and he’s been pretty patient with us. We’re improving a lot, but our training in Brazil is not any worse than any other practice we do” he concluded.

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last night i was pondering who Aldo would train with for the Hominick fight

Souwer and Stout came to mind, but I realized Stout is Hominick's boy.....awesome to hear

 It's good to see the champ train with the best and not get complacent.

i doubt they will but i'd love to see a video of Aldo and Andy training together

bet the guys over there will be impressed by what they see in aldo. scary he is so young.

 awesome news.


he's like a better version of Hominick

Souwer is a good shooto fighter with great standing subs.
Smart move by aldo cause souwer has allready won 3 k-1 titels he should sharpen aldo's stand up to the elite.

Would love to see souwer in mma though but i dont think he can roll with above avarege bjj guys Phone Post

Sorry two time k-1 champ and three shootbox titels Phone Post

 I would've preferred to see him with Giorgio P.....their styles are a lot closer (picking shots, amazing precision)...

Holy crap, as if he wasn't already the most devastating striker in the FW division.

 Aldo getting better = bad news for the rest of the FW's

RNunberg - <div id="postVideo-33400125"></div><script type="text/javascript">var so = new SWFObject("", "postVideo-33400125-Flash", "425", "355", "9.0.28", "##000"); so.addParam("allowScriptAccess", "samedomain"); so.addParam("allowNetworking", "internal"); so.addParam("wmode", "transparent"); so.write("postVideo-33400125"); </script> awesome news.
he's like a better version of Hominick<br type="_moz" />

What is the name of the song in that highlight, anyone?

C'mon, someone has to know the name of that song...

"Trinity" by 009 Soundsystem

I love Souwer's left hook to the body

EternalReign - "Trinity" by 009 Soundsystem

Thank you!