aldo vs mayweather?

in a standup fight, how would it go down??

Leg kick leg kick leg kick... Flying knee Phone Post


If leg kicks and clinching are allowed mayweather would get killed. If its just hands aldo would get killed.

Yea I think this is still the same answer in general. If mma rules, Aldo would murder mayweather, if boxing rules, mayweather would dominate. Phone Post

Ad 10d - If leg kicks and clinching are allowed mayweather would get killed. If its just hands aldo would get killed.


If kicks and knees are allowed Aldo murders Mayweather Phone Post

anything allowed while standing

In what? MMA or boxing? Stupid question is stupid Phone Post

In that case Aldo would win in MMA since he's an MMA fighter while maywheather is not? Phone Post

Aldo would kick him to death Phone Post

How long does Mayweather have to prepare for the fight? If he has half a year to learn how to check leg kicks, then I'd bet on Mayweather, kicks or no - he's simply much faster and much more talented.

If he only has the standard 3 months to train it'd be pretty close. I suspect under those circumstances it'd be a boring fight, as Mayweather would just keep out of range of the leg kicks, and not much would happen.

If they get no training time, then Aldo, as Mayweather wouldn't even know how to read the kicks, and wouldn't be able to evade them.

Guys at the level of Mayweather learn very quickly, given time and the trainers. Look at how good Jon Jones is after only a few years of MMA in terms of defending against kicks - and he's not nearly as talented as Mayweather.

A bigger question is, can any promoter in MMA find the 20 million per fight Mayweather gets in boxing? Without that the fight would never happen.

Aldo is flustered by the Philly shell and never finds his distance. 

On reviewing the video, he discovers that he never actually got within 10 feet of Money.

Are we talking MMA gloves or boxing gloves?

I actually feel like Mayweather could win. Aldo's a really good kickboxer, but I feel like Mayweather's ability to angle and use his footwork could be too much for him.

Wont happen, MayDucker will ask for Olympic testing and then complain about the ring size and then have issues with the glove size...Bahahahah!!!

kent paul - 
card5 - in a standup fight, how would it go down??

I doudbt Aldo could beat most club fighters in a hands only fight let alone Mayweather

not just hands, but anything standing up, kicks knees punches