Aleks Emelianenko with a hot babe on his lap (pic)

LitUp - Newest 'Someone's Gonna Get Raped' meme IMO. Phone Post 3.0

he's very "wild each it" in that pic

Hot is a relative term apparently, and Alecks looks like a 70 year old Boris Karloff whose Viagra just kicked in.

When I saw this thread title I prayed that it was a "touch" thread. I was not disappointed. VTFU

Is that a tattoo on her left thigh or did she eat a leg kick? Phone Post 3.0

Is he sick? Hep c is scary man, fuck. Phone Post 3.0

I didn't know he was dating Octomom.

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touch -

What guitar cord is he trying to play on her forearm? Phone Post 3.0
Lmao someone shop her out for a guitar Phone Post 3.0

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LitUp - Newest 'Someone's Gonna Get Raped' meme IMO. Phone Post 3.0

the guy in the background looks like he is going to stalk and kill them

Its Simon from "Trainspotting"

ugh... a preggo chick with a belly tattoo. No thanks.

Enock-O-Lypse Now - 

Looks like good ol' Alek's is recovering from that beating he took from JT! Still an epic Upset to this day!






Ha ha WTF?

The video creator should definitely work with politicians. He's pretty good at twisting things up. Oh wait, he could simply work for a news program.

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lol vu!

Bingo'ed in Brazil - He has a real Lloyd Ervin look on his face. Phone Post 3.0

Nah, she seems like she is willing...

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