Aleks Emelianenko with a hot babe on his lap (pic)

He has a real Lloyd Ervin look on his face. Phone Post 3.0

Newest 'Someone's Gonna Get Raped' meme IMO. Phone Post 3.0

those eyes. still looks unhinged even when he's smiling.

He looks similar to Frankenstein. Phone Post 3.0

perfect soldier

Bill Cosby vibe going on. Phone Post 3.0

Touch broke his streak of purely objective, factual titles with this one.

TX_432 - Bill Cosby vibe going on. Phone Post 3.0

No, Aleks tells you before he rapes you that he's going to rape you. No herbal cocktails necessary.

Looks like he is going ro coaby that poor girl. Phone Post 3.0

i would

hope he prevents her from smoking

touch -

What guitar cord is he trying to play on her forearm? Phone Post 3.0

Half of OP's statement is correct.

she is hott! So many gays on the MMA boards these days!

Many of these gay "fans" came over from the sport bjj side and popularization of the Berimbolo guard

he's in jail right? If so, I'd say that's a lot better option than most!

arent those pointy elbows ?

"Lap" as in "Laptop"?

Haha. Accurate thread title is accurate. What's the issue? And I wood.

If that's in jail, that's really impressive!

He doesn't look healthy.

how long before he beats the fuck out of her?


and by beats the fuck out of her...I mean beats her unconscious and fucks a good way.

Hot babe hugs Aleks Emelianenko from behind